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Mercury aspects provide informational reconnaissance to provide information and learning about something. Mercury is the student ready to learn and wherever his aspects land is where he desires knowledge. It creates a place for our favorite subject of learning. So Mercury aspecting the 12th house will create a desire to study spirituality, meditation. A Mercury aspect or association with the Moon will create a desire to study psychology and the nature of the human mind.

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A person with Mercury aspecting Rahu might desire to study viruses or specific diseases. Rahu in the 8th house may have a strong desire to study astrology if it is connected to a Mercury ruled house like Gemini or Virgo. One will value whatever houses Jupiter touches so Jupiter in the 1st aspect the 7th is a wonderful placement for relationships and valuing and honoring and treasuring ones spouse. Whatever planets Jupiter aspects he will honor and value.

Jupiter aspecting Venus means he will honor his spouse and have great value for her. Sun : Desires related to soul, career, good fortune, father and that which we consider worth living for. Sun aspects are not malefic but creates burning, cruelty and selfishness and egotistical acts. Moon : Desires for mind, family, home, mother, obsessions of the mind. Mars : Desires for conflict, power, ambition, property, siblings — that which is worth fighting for.

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Mars aspects cause fighting, debts, fires and accidents when Mars is afflicted but when Mars is strong, it may bring out the highest aspect of the fighter to serve and protect society and country. Mercury : Desires for speech, communication, learning, profession, wealth, friends and relatives.

Mercury aspects show what one wants to learn and understand. Jupiter aspects indicate desires for knowledge, good fortune, spirituality, values , children and teachers or gurus. Venus aspects show desires for love, enjoyment, sex and comforts and relationships to wife and sisters. Saturn aspects cause weakness and suffering and poverty and illness. Rahu or the North Node aspects indicate desires for enjoyment, manipulation, ambition. Most people do not know that Rahu has a sneaky 30 degree or 2nd house aspect on planets from itself aside from its trinal aspects.

Many think the trinal aspects are important within degrees and they are because that would create a conjunction in the D-9 or navamsha chart and have an important impact in creating deep past life regrets, past life karma or create a black hole with the planet that is being affect. She has met various obstacles in professional life and a great source of difficulties.

However, due to her humble and chaste character she is dealing with troubles well. She has developed utmo servitude in her life. Case eight Atmakaraka Sun is well placed in 4th house along with Mercury with Neechabhanga. She is an instructor of meditation, while her troubles with property, and all 4th house significations started after the relatively premature death of her father. She has met various troubles from influential people in spiritual movement. She is still unmarried sun is lord of Upapada. It is evident in all cases, that Atmakaraka has created disturbances in all matters signified by its placement.

Zoran radosavljevic astrology

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. There are naturally two grahas that are called Atmakaraka in natural naisargik and another is temporal chara. While Moon mind , sun is an indicator of Atman a transcendental Self which is unborn and undying, beyond the relative Sun is a natural indicator for a first house affairs or Lagna. It rules natural 5th house of a zodiac, and along w say over Dhi-Shakti, an intelligence coupled with wisdom, proper growth of the mind, and mantra-primordial s the transcendental Impulse of Natural Law. Lets see what Parasara says about Atmakaraka:O Brahmin, just as the minister cannot go against the king, viz, Putrakaraka, Amatyakaraka etc.

If the A adverse, other karakas cannot give their benefic effects fully. Its role is to protect, as th kingdom and territory. Being the most personal planet, it has the strongest say over Moksha final emancipati reason, the 12th house from the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa chart dharmamsa is used to ascertain the isht personal Deity who will guide the soul to its real home Moksha.

Thus, the main role of Atmakaraka is to pur Therefore, the position of Atmakaraka in a chart describes the suffering of a soul, obstacles and bad karma w to cleanse the soul from its sins, and promote rise and evolution.

It is for that reason that house placement of well as Arudha ruled by it are indicative of disturbed areas of life, where a person has to work unselfishly to w previous sins. For that reason, a person will suffer most while given the opportunity to progress most through Atmakaraka power. While different astrologers opine that Atmakaraka places will be beneficial for a chart own case that house placement of Atmakaraka becomes very sensitive in a persons life, where the obstacles and found, giving rise to personal growth and evolution. However, to make it clear, Atmakaraka doesnt necessaril by its mere placement.

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zoran radosavljevic astrology Zoran radosavljevic astrology
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