Venus in virgo compatibility

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With Venus in this sign, it is not enough that one simply be covered and thus warm—this is more the province of Cancer , but that there be some beauty in the clothing not the ostentation of Venus in Leo, but beauty nonetheless.

When Venus is co-joined, the factor of beauty also enters; what is produced must be beautiful and appealing. Under the influence of this combination there is frequently found the making of beautiful objects. Venus, upon the Mutable Cross, represents attraction and affection. Together Venus and Virgo can indicate horticulture, botany, work in plant nurseries. Work with flowering plants is also likely. Venus in Virgo—Cultivation of Species: Virgo is a sign promoting improvement, refinement and the quest for perfection.

On the Mutable cross, this quest applies to the material realm. Venus reinforces the tendency towards refinement, seeking as well when in Virgo good form. When applied to the lower kingdoms, such individuals can involve themselves in animal breeding for show and the cultivation of plants for recognition. The polishing of gemstones is also related.

Venus in Virgo...

In all this cultivation, the factors of quality and beauty both belonging to the realm of Venus are considered important. Venus in Virgo—Shaping up for Good Appearance: Virgo, as all know, is one of those signs which applies itself to physical fitness. But is fitness for health alone? Is it not also for the sake of appearance?

When Venus functions in combination with Virgo, fitness whatever else it does is meant to produce an attractive Venus body Virgo. This may also be the case with Venus in Capricorn. Venus in Virgo—the Cooling of Affections: Affections are cooled by this position, or are expressed with some reserve. They may, however, go deep; or they may simply be stifled by the form—obligations, duties, tasks, etc. Commerce is ruled by Mercury, but, from an orthodox level, Venus rules the gain or profit from any material exchange.

The commercialism found in relation to this sign will deal with products of a higher calibre, products which have some appeal or make one appealing—such as cosmetics and products of artistic worth. This may be done is a calculating way. Something similar is possible with Venus in Capricorn upon the early Mutable Cross. Venus in Virgo for the Advanced Man. Venus in Virgo—Analysis: The fifth ray of Venus and the analysis and discrimination characteristic of Virgo combine to focus the mind intelligently.

Venus in Virgo—Analysis May Overcome Love: Virgo will draw out the mental potential of Venus, but may subdue those related to the energy of love. Virgoan meticulousness may place many conditions and provisions upon the expression of love—certainly retraining this expression and reducing its spontaneity.

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Venus in Virgo—the Perfecting of the Form: The reason for the descent of the Solar Angels is service to the lower lives and the material forms through which they express. Virgo is ever improving methods and techniques, and Venus moving towards greater harmony and beauty. Perhaps Venus in the fire signs especially in Aries and Sagittarius would give this tendency. When Venus is placed in Virgo however, the artist will patiently brood over the means whereby beauty may best emerge. The labor would be long, and the demands upon patience, great. For the subject with Venus in Virgo, some form of purity must be associated with beauty.

This purity may not be of the kind dictated by conventional morality, but it will be there nonetheless—a beauty free of taints and contaminants. Venus in Virgo—Refinement: Virgo is associated with the substance of entire threefold lunar nature; Venus is, in many ways, an alchemical planet, reducing to essence what it touches. Venus in Virgo works alchemically upon the form, refining it, raising its quality.

Venus in Virgo—Cherishing the Growing Beauty Within: Virgo is always bringing to birth and is endowed with the cherishing energy.

EA Venus represents the value which is cherished be it a person, place or thing. Under the Venus in Virgo influence the advanced individual quietly cultivates this value, working upon it interiorly, until it is ready for exposure. Venus in Virgo—the Art Critic: In the advanced man, Venus in Virgo can indicate a cultured individual with refined taste. There will be great discrimination in matters of beauty; the standard will be very high. Such an individual would make a good critic in the field of culture and the arts.

Where Venus and Jupiter are found, the personality life can experience some measure of happiness. In the case of this combination, happiness is found in the field of labor, and the refinement of the daily labor is a source of satisfaction and contentment. The influence of the soul in the daily life grows as a result of this process of refinement. Venus in Virgo—the Amazon Queen: Virgo is the sign most associated with the energy of the feminine aspect of divinity; among the planets, Venus is the queen whereas the Sun represents the King.

Mars and Aries will also be associated with the Amazons. The symbolism relates to the personality at a high degree of development, and its willingness to surrender to the soul Hercules. Of course, Hercules was not wise, and killed the Amazon Queen, even as she was at the point of acquiescence. Venus in Virgo—Chastity and Purity: From a more orthodox perspective, Venus the planet of love and Virgo the sign of purity when functioning together may instill a desire for affections which are chaste and pure.

High standards of purity may be applied within the field of human love.

How you love, according to Venus

Perhaps, human love, as a whole, will be considered insufficiently pure to be worthy of pursuit. Perhaps, only soul love will be considered a worthy goal. This position, functioning positively, may produce the priest or the nun. Venus within the personality field brings harmony and beauty of expression. Something of the beauty of the soul may express through the refined, cultured, cultivated form. Venus in Virgo—Work with Flower Essences: Venus rules essence—that which remains after the process of refinement has done its work.

Venus is also associated with all flowers. Many Aries people walk around in an almost constant state of arousal. In return for your tips on sex techniques and basic table etiquette, Aries will shower you with love. This is an active, strong person with very little tolerance for things like waiting -- for anything! This practical, reasonable person will appeal to you from the get-go. The two of you have a lot in common and will make friends instantly. Taurus will have the ability to acquire the material goods that you also place a high value on, but will lack your ability to live with less than the maximum level of luxury.

Perfect Astrological Partners

While you tend to react to the things you see and feel in terms of how you can get information from it, Taurus just does things because they feel good! In the long term, the two of you will always find it easy to get along, but you might have to make some adjustments to keep your sexual chemistry clicking. You and the talkative sign of Gemini have a natural affinity for one another. This comes from the fact that you share the planet Mercury as your sign ruler.

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Gemini is the daytime side of Mercury -- all talk, trick, smoke and mirrors. You, on the other hand, manifest the nighttime energy of this hard-to-pin-down planet.

venus in virgo compatibility Venus in virgo compatibility
venus in virgo compatibility Venus in virgo compatibility
venus in virgo compatibility Venus in virgo compatibility
venus in virgo compatibility Venus in virgo compatibility
venus in virgo compatibility Venus in virgo compatibility

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