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If so, consult our fortune teller ball for the insight you need. Click on the zodiacs to reveal your perfect match, Taurus. If you are interested in dating a Taurus, be sure to check out how to attract Taurus man using their zodiac sign. Read the Taurus horoscope for more insights into your year. Are you curious about another zodiac sign's compatibility?

Learn know about horoscope compatibility and make falling in love easier!

Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Taurus

A great match! The signs complete each other while holding their own in a relationship. The energetic and risk-taking Aries combined with the stability and patience of a Taurus works to their favor. Whatever their relationship, everything is a question of getting the right mixture.

When it comes to love, strong attraction will bring them together! An in tune couple! They are brilliantly peaceful and enjoy the simple pleasures in life together. If they find things in common, their relationship is as solid as a rock! Downfall : Their relationship can take over their lives. If two Taurus' are attracted to each other, their level of sensuality is next to none! The attraction between them really is electric. What brings them together is their materialistic side. If both Taurus' make an effort their relationship can potentially be solid.

Do opposites attract Taurus is stuck in their ways, not very talkative, while Gemini personality is all over the place, very talkative. Therefore, this match has work to do.

Gemini loves Taurus' kindness and quiet determination, which will only increase at Taurus' side. A real sweet couple! Both introverts, patience plays in their favor. This is a match that avoids tension and hates yelling. For this reason, they should live peacefully together.

Taurus and Cancer can quickly decide to form a family or a love nest to call their own.

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  5. In this pursuit, it is easy to close off from everyone or stop going out. They get very wrapped up in the other! Downfall : Being scared of expressing their feelings. Now, here's a duo that hates fighting and yelling, and who prefer to live peacefully side by side. Taurus and Cancer personality will dream of starting a family and establishing a family home, although one of the serious downfalls of this pairing could be the fact that they become too consumed in each other. An explosive couple!


    Astrology Love Matcher: Are You Compatible?

    Here are two strong personalities! With headstrong Taurus and authoritative Leo personality …fights are likely to occur. Fortunately, they stay loyal to each other and always find a path to reconciliation. However, they should not give into playing games, and should explain with tact and maturity. In terms of finances, Taurus needs to be reassured and Leo is looking for success. In the midst of frustrating projects, they support each other hand-in-hand. Leo needs to try a sit back in the relationship, because if Leo attempts to dominate, Taurus won't stick around for long!

    Taurus is capable of giving Leo the love that Leo requires.

    Taurus compatibility table

    If this couple works towards similar goals, they could become the perfect love story. Will harmony reign? As organized, practical, and poised individuals, this match gets on well. Together, these two are hard-working signs. However, the sociable Taurus can find Virgo too rigid and fearful.

    Is Zodiac Compatibility Real? What Signs Go Well Together

    Both Virgo and Taurus are hard workers and love working towards their common goals. Although, Taurus has interest that Virgo will never be able to understand. Virgo shouldn't be underestimated though and are capable of surprising Taurus partners. Balance is important Two signs guided by Venus, planet of love.

    Both attracted to creativity and in search of balance within the couple, the family. Their intimate life is glowing. Taurus brings a practical sense to the relationship, which Libra personality lacks even though they have good intentions.

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    Taurus brings a sense of order and organization into the free-spirited Libra's life. Libra is ready to make huge efforts and sacrifices for this relationship to work! Libra will bring a Taurus breath of freedom and fun into a Taurus' life and help them see the funny side of things! Although, Libra could end up finding Taurus a little too materialistic, which could create tension between them! A sensual relationship! These two are different, but complementary. As sensual beings, they can pass hours in the bedroom.

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    Scorpio personality is too complex for Taurus, who thinks pragmatically. They will push themselves sometimes too far , and they will not stop until they reach their goals. Like Taurus men, Taurus females love beautiful things and are very tactile. It is difficult for her to embrace change unless she feels threatened. If this is the case, she learns quickly from challenges to her sense of security. Trust is the most important thing to a Taurus zodiac sign when it comes to relationships.

    They do not rush into anything, especially not love. Taurus will take their time getting to know you quite well, to make sure of your compatibility before taking the plunge. If you have gone it past this point with a Taurus in love , be prepared to receive affection in abundance, both physical and material. Taurus love to give gifts, as they love pretty things. They like to collect them too. Stable to the core, once a Taurus man has fallen in love , only infidelity will break that bond. Since he is very tactile, he will show his love through sensual means.

    This means in the bedroom and through gifts. At the same time, the Taurus man is very set in his ways; he likes things the way they are. Change is upsetting to him, and it will most often not go well if you try to force him to adapt to new things. Lurking under his modest surface is a fierce temper. Most of the time, he is stable, sweet, and a right provider. Stability is what Taurus women look for in relationships over everything else. Once they have done a comprehensive analysis, they will let you in.

    She is resilient, steadfast, and conventional in some ways. She tends to be quite feminine, but do not mistake that for weakness. If you cross the Taurus woman in love , lie to her, or cheat on her, she will know, and you will face her wrath. She loves things or actions that stimulate the senses. One thing she does not like surprises.

    The Most Compatible Signs With Taurus

    Not surprisingly, since Taurus is an earth sign, the two other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn are a great idea.

    taurus zodiac sign compatibility Taurus zodiac sign compatibility
    taurus zodiac sign compatibility Taurus zodiac sign compatibility
    taurus zodiac sign compatibility Taurus zodiac sign compatibility
    taurus zodiac sign compatibility Taurus zodiac sign compatibility
    taurus zodiac sign compatibility Taurus zodiac sign compatibility
    taurus zodiac sign compatibility Taurus zodiac sign compatibility

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