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The smoke will blacken the glass. Hence even if it is daylight, sunlight will not permeate inside. Likewise, even if there is light inside, it will not be seen outside. The case of the aura darkening as a result of bad actions is similar. It is an impediment to receiving grace.

Even if we try, we might not see the results soon. Therefore, children, you should be careful to avoid doing actions that will block divine grace. Troubles become more pronounced in individual lives during the planetary transitions of Saturn, Rahu and Mars. Business failures, marital troubles, familial discord, accidents occurring while traveling to see an ailing father or relative, a son dying before he receives news that his father has died, being punished for mistakes one has not committed - such problems plague a person during planetary transitions.

The Vedic appreciation of gems. We are far more dependent on the cosmic prana around us and its recipe of electro-magnetic rays with which we need to feed on than we realize. Just as there are many essential vitamins and minerals in food for excellent health and different rays of color in health giving sunshine, so there are different benign planetary radiations that we absorb and benefit by. I use the words "vitamin supplements" to graphically assist the reader to understand that when a planet is supposedly taking an unfriendly interest in you, it is merely your inability to digest or receive the planet's pranic radiation.

Your receptivity can be such that if it is placed in a negative transit, your chakras' interpretation and receptivity of its energy can be diluted or tainted. Hence the wearing of a gem will increase the available dosage of a similar radiation acting like a needed supplement to your electro-magnetic system. In order for the subtle rays to be absorbed, the gems must have very good skin contact. They also obviously have to be big enough to make a difference and clean enough to act as effective transmitters of the radiations that are naturally a part of their atomic matrix.

Though this idea seems quite radical to conventional thought, only a little reflection will allow us to realize how greatly we are influenced by the moon, sun spots and planets.

Even our environment can greatly affect our thoughts, uplifting or depressing us, and yet are not the planets also tangibly potent enough to be a pervasive background influence? Only a little observation is needed to see how our friends seem to be sharing a similar pattern reflected in the planetary positions when one studies astrology!

And hence we seem to be playing with a double edged sword; on the one hand the planets are dictating to us, such as when a friend inexplicably gets cancer after having been living healthily for years. On the other hand, we are advised correctly that we can overcome our stars by wisdom and will power. Both perspectives have their place in creation. To see life as a servant of truth rather than an unwitting slave to its consequences is the much wiser route. Even if beaten by karmic circumstances, one has only lost when one has given up trying to overcome karmic weaknesses that keep us from our higher nature.

It is easily apparent as one observes the development in the conventional medical sciences that the future of medicine is in the rays.

Vipra varna in astrology

Rays are any form of vibratory energy, from sound, color, radiation etc. Medicinal chemistry can only struggle to stimulate the life-force back into the ailing patient. Rays can go much deeper into the cell tissue and enhance the rejuvenating process. Gems are but one of the methods of dispensing subtle yet benign rays. As Dwapara Yuga progresses , disease will be treated and healed more and more by rays. Vibratory energy can reach the electronic factors of the atoms , the building blocks of matter, where gross chemicals cannot penetrate.

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Although the study of gems is many years ahead of the conventional learning curve, they will eventually be treated with respect when the hocus pocus side of the field is less prevalent. The body can be better understood as an electromagnetic system - that is, an intelligently coordinated network of oscillating, vibrating parts. A little discrimination may convince the reader that assisting their electromagnetic signature, or way of being, with the use of Ayurvedic gems or metals would be an intelligent and easy way of lessening the karmic weaknesses in receptivity.

But, if you are already a great yogi practicing under a divinely inspired teacher and choose not to supplement his or her wisdom with these scientific laws, then this is equally commendable.

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In The Holy Science by the great avatar Swami Sri Yukteswar, he explains that an individual's spiritual and mental development is greatly enhanced or debilitated depending on the radiating influence of massive astrological constellation based cycles. Of particular note, he indicated that during the present cycle the influence is very weak in assisting humanity in our spiritual, material, and mental wellbeing. Anything a person can do to promote the planetary radiations acting on the electrical body is a wise course of action. But at this stage of human history, it is understandable that only a narrow audience is open to this ancient wisdom.

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As the great Master explained, humanity needs to regain its grasp of the concept of electricities and how they can be used benignly. During the years next following, while the sun passed through the Descending Dwapara Yuga, the human intellect lost its power of grasping the knowledge of electricity's and their attributes. All energy has a waveform or frequency, and it's these frequencies that Sri Yukteswar considered to have attributes. The intense amount of energy required to grow a crystal invests its unique molecular lattice with a deliberate alignment of electrons.

When these are cumulatively united, they're considered to have a radiating influence with the above described attributes.

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Faith in prayer and attunement to God or one of his messengers is of a much more superior path. Of course, some great saints have also recommended taking advantage of gem instruments to lessen one's distance from the goal. Hence, from a practical point of view both gems and truth can validly be shared hand in hand.

As Swami Sri Yukteswar has suggested, plants, metals and gems can all play a role as instruments to minimize or nullify the adverse effects of our reactions to planetary radiations.

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Of the three, he extolled quality gems of over two carats as being the most effective. This, however, does not negate the excellent strengthening benefits of pure gold, silver and copper bangles. A letter from Yogananda to Rajarsi Janakananda. Yogananda wrote the following in a letter in to Rajarsi Janakananda, one of his leading disciples, while discussing the lesser three metal astrological bangle:. Besides, I heard Master say many times that Satan creates in the mind of the bangle wearer the impulse to take the bangle off so he could uninterruptedly punish him through the instrument of bad karma of past lives.

I remember definitely instances of cases where a person could not wear the bangle as the arm rotted under it. One person had to change position of the bangle three or four times. He was cured of paralysis and some kind of fits. Sometimes, to take the bangle off when one needs to - even in that moment, is dangerous. I write this only to emphasize the laws of atomic electronic vibrations which God created and the Rishis discovered to counteract the evil planetary influences on the human body.

I would like to point out that out of the thousands of pages from Paramahansa Yogananda teachings, there is very little discussion of gems or metals for remedial use. Though he felt astrological gemstones were significant enough to mention several times in his classic autobiography , he was wary of people becoming too distracted in this interesting phenomena and thus not pursuing earnestly his great contribution to the West, which was to encourage people to take a keen interest in correctly practicing Kriya Yoga meditation to obtain self-realization.

At death our chakras, which are electrical by nature and have acted like tape recorders absorbing the resonance of all our past actions and thoughts , will leave with the astral body awaiting to be delivered at conception a blueprint with which to direct the body cells' development. Years ago when I started studying remedial gems I discovered massive variations in interpretation as to what gems were supposed to do and how to use them. Mitigating karma. Another great method for mitigating karma, as well as focused meditation, prayer, attracting the blessings of genuine saints, fasting and skin contact with gems, is to have a puja done under the supervision of a sincere monastic who is a well trained pujari.

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Paramahansa Yogananda also wrote in his autobiography page :. A literal interpretation of this stanza is that, through fire oblations and chants, properly performed, one should invoke and pay honor to the astral deities, superior to man in the order of evolution, who through the divine laws of Nature carry on the cosmic functions. This man will create good karma that will free his life from the hazards of sudden fruition of effects from unseen evil causes set in motion by him in the past.

Further, one is actually "born" at the moment of conception, when the soul enters the first cell of its new body. Ignorant man does not realize how body and mind are changed though his good and bad actions, and how his actions affect- positively or negatively- the centers of the spine.

Karma governs the stars and one's destiny, but karma is governed by ones will power. On a cosmic scale, the combined karma of groups of individuals- social or racial groups, or nations, for example- or of the world at large, constitute the mass karma of the earth or portions thereof. Horoscopes tend to influence and paralyze the free choice of man's inherent divine -will-to-conquer.

As of this writing, the organization which I have found to have the most reasonably priced and purest service in this field of karmic mitigation through the use of mantric pujas is one founded by the great woman saint Amritananda Mayi Ammachi. Puja application details can be found on her website. Hildegard Von Bingen writes of the healing powers of gems. The following is an excerpt from Physica, the Latin title of two volumes covering the medical works of the saint Hildegard Von Bingen who lived in Rheinland, Germany, from - Von Bingen is one of the great spiritual mystics in recorded history.

Beatified by the Catholic Church, she wrote an extensive book on the healing powers of gems. It is important to understand that the terminology and dogma of that era portrays a form of expression which we may consider inappropriate in this day of more complex vocabulary. Rajendra Purohit is member of regular online articles. News paper publishing Pt. This newspaper is working from Jodhpur Rajasthan since Capital market trend, Gold, silver, metal position prediction and investment solution are the main topic of this newspaper. There are more than readers in all Rajasthan.

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gita society free horoscope Gita society free horoscope
gita society free horoscope Gita society free horoscope
gita society free horoscope Gita society free horoscope
gita society free horoscope Gita society free horoscope
gita society free horoscope Gita society free horoscope
gita society free horoscope Gita society free horoscope

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