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Top 10 Love Tips for Mercury Retrograde

Moving into the week, on Thursday Mars forges an awkward angle to Jupiter planet of luck ; this expands our options, but it also opens up a walk into the unknown. All this leads up to the full moon in Pisces on Friday —taking place at the same time that Mars opposes Neptune, which means things are about to get a little hazy.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

As we enter the weekend, the energy finally starts to relax. Mercury and Venus planet of love enter harmonious Libra on Saturday, making it a great time for relationships to blossom. See your full Aries weekly horoscope. This week has a fun, but also serious tone to it. Go on a date, set a romantic vibe, and live in the moment, Taurus. Read your full Taurus weekly horoscopes. The full moon may entice you to feel safe enough to share your true thoughts in a work environment; just be cautious of how much you say.

As your leisure zones light up this weekend, take yourself on a weekend trip to enjoy a new pace.

Read your full Gemini weekly horoscope. There is some focus on your intellectual areas this week—planning, studying, or researching. While this is all very exciting, your Cancer moodiness could be an issue this week. The full moon lights up an expansive sector in your chart, making things a little more dreamy than usual.

Let the feels flow.

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Read your full Cancer weekly horoscope. Time to market your skills, Leo!

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Over the weekend, Saturday will be a great time to network and do business. Read your full Leo weekly horoscope. Prepare for yet another productive week—your favorite! You could see a slight disagreement between you and your family on Thursday. Lastly, Friday will be a great time to develop your relationship with your SO—just watch out for the possibility of mixed messages Neptune can make things a little hazy! Read your full Virgo weekly horoscope. You might want to start devoting time to the things you actually enjoy. Read your full Libra weekly horoscope.

Friday night, with the full moon in your romance sections, could make this date night the best night of your life. Our advisors have the answer for you! There is likely to be some tumult in your emotional life right now. For example, you may feel a pressing need to have a heart-to-heart with your partner.

Pisces Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope February 18-25 2019

Tension may develop, however, if you become increasingly insistent about your need to do so. Anger or alienation can be avoided, provided you express your feelings with clarity and compassion Experiments with combining creativity and modern technology could lead to opportunities to increase your income. You are receptive to new ideas and willing to make the effort to put them to work for you, and you are likely to uncover new and unexpected talents that you may not have known you had.

This is a great day to sign up for a class, attend a lecture, or seek tutoring from someone knowledgeable in whatever field interests you. Information about new inventions in the communication industry might have you thinking about the uses such technology might have for you.

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A number of interesting communications could come from relatives or close friends, which could bring up new possibilities for future projects. Short journeys in your community may take up most of your evening. Watch a movie tonight that is pure escapism. Otherwise your mind won't let you go to sleep. You may find it hard to take a realistic approach to your emotions today. A sensitive issue may be pulling on you, leaving you feeling like you are way out in left field in the way you relate to others.

You might want to consider letting someone else take the lead for once, allowing you to regain your equilibrium before the next decision is made. Today could be an odd day as far as communication goes. You might get cut off in the middle of an important phone conversation, or somebody might say something dramatic and then not finish their sentence! There could be some questions in your head as you go about your day.

Things might not get completely sorted out today. So please be patient and don't jump to any conclusions about what is happening in your relationships. Life: Mars and Jupiter make you more impatient at work than ever, and your displeasure with your colleagues is clear to see. Love: Venus and Jupiter offer up plenty of encounters with passionate people. November horoscope: Time for a career change?


Pisces: Your daily horoscope - November 12

You want to live free and without responsibilities but the doom and gloom of November fails to offer up any excitement. Carter hospitalized, will have surgery for bleeding in brain. Rocket fire after Israel kills Palestinian militant leader. Pompeo's impeachment role draws outcry from diplomats. Winners and losers from Seahawks' wild OT win. The world's largest trade deal could be signed in Here's why it's important. Dodge put the wrong wheels on new Challengers and Chargers.

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    Man cuffed for eating sandwich on train platform. Gomez says people 'attacked' her for gaining weight. Gwen Stefani sets record straight on her diamond ring. Curry needs second surgery, expects to return this season. As snow moves toward East Coast, bitter cold hits Midwest. US held nearly 70, migrant kids in custody in Dolly on 'decorating' her body with tattoos.

    february 18 horoscope pisces February 18 horoscope pisces
    february 18 horoscope pisces February 18 horoscope pisces
    february 18 horoscope pisces February 18 horoscope pisces
    february 18 horoscope pisces February 18 horoscope pisces
    february 18 horoscope pisces February 18 horoscope pisces
    february 18 horoscope pisces February 18 horoscope pisces

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